Bunker Brew Co

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Wild Beer Co – Fresh Pale Ale – 5.5%

From The Wild Beer Co comes Fresh Pale Ale at 5.5%. Decanning gives a surprisingly clean citrus lemon aroma with no discernable presence of malt. The appearance is straw like and slightly hazy, an excellent white frothy head is generated and lingers throughout. Carbonation is above average and sits compacted and intense on the mouth feel. An average bitterness complements the aroma to deliver a refreshing pale ale, albeit slightly lager-ish experience. Overall, very good!

Wild Beer Fresh Pale Ale

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Dark Revolution – Velveteen Chocolate Milk Stout – 4.8%

From Dark Revolution comes Velveteen Chocolate Milk Stout at 4.8%. The pour is certainly unimpressive, as the head drops off as soon as it is poured, usually indicative of adjuncts or fatty stuff. The aroma is full of chocolate and coffee maltiness. The taste is initially coffee/chocolate with a slightly sweet aftertaste. The mouthfeel then hits and adds a watery texture that doesn’t help the beer, the body just does not support the taste properly. Bitterness is kind of lost between the coffee/chocolate bitterness. Hop presence is also lost. It’s an average beer that I wouldn’t rush out to buy again. The smoothness (for me) is lost in the flavours and a lack of head for such a low ABV beer is shocking. From experience and to keep a nice head, the same ‘chocolate’ taste can be gained using selected roasted malts rather than going straight for the kill with cocoa nibs or otherwise.

Dark Revolution Velveteen Chocolate Milk Stout

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Lervig – Hoppy Joe American Red Ale – 4.7%

From Lervig Aktiebryggeri comes Hoppy Joe American Red Ale at 4.7%. Decanning generates a lovely thick froth with a hoppy citrus punch of an aroma. The pour is a lovely cloudy deep amber appearance and not too carbonated, leaving a thin white head skim on the top. The mouthfeel is thick and full bodied. Bittering is IPA-ish for the style. There is little malty presence and the beer has a good hint of peppery aftertaste which would suggest a hint of rye. The hop aroma and bitterness blend is spot on and makes an easy drinking beer. Deceptive looking, but quite enjoyable!

Lervig Hoppy Joe American Ale

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Anchor – Brotherhood Steam Beer – 5.6%

From the Anchor Brewery comes  Brotherhood Steam Beer at 5.6%. Dry hopped you say? hmm…. decapping gives a rich malty aroma, a bit toffee like with no distinct hop aroma. the pour is amber and looks a bit lager like. The taste is slightly sweet with a nice mouth feel and slight fruity suggestion. bittering is fairly decent too. Head generation is nice with a good white skim that lasts throughout, carbonation is above average. Overall, malty and toffee like with a nice bittering, but i’m having difficulties with any dry hopping presence. Decent enough!

Anchor Brotherhood Steam Beer

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The London Beer Factory – Sayers Stout – 4.5%

From the London Beer Factory comes Sayers Stout at 4.5%.  Decapping was an interesting experience, the top of the can pulls completely off, with the vessel being completely full to the brim! The aroma is dark chocolate, fruit, malt and coffee. A slight but barely noticeable hint of citrus pokes through.  The pour is quite good, with average can type carbonation that generates a good white lingering head.  The taste is smooth, barely smoked/coffee like with an accompanying good body to it. The aftertaste is of average bitterness for a stout. Overall I loved the can design and feel to the beer. A great sessionable stout!

The London Beer Factory Sayers Stout

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To Øl – Black Malts & Body Salts Black IPA – 9.9%

From the To Øl gypsy brewery in Denmark comes: Black Malts & Body Salts Black India Pale Ale. De-capping gives an Amazing blast of rich coffee, chocolate with toffee and Liquorice. Somehow, through all that aroma fog, it pulls off a dank citrus aroma with citrusy lemons playing a dominant role. The pour is pure darkness which generates a thick off white head that retains and remains. The taste is thick and luxurious, slightly sweet and almost creamy with a stunning presence on the mouthfeel, extremely full bodied. Intense coffee flavours melt your taste buds and thrash your tongue with the most intense pleasant smoked bitterness you are likely to try in a beer. The alcohol is completely hidden (until afterwards!) Citrus meets coffee, meets IPA, meets imperial stout. Without a doubt, the best dark beer I’ve ever had. Stupendously good. I will stock up on the last of these in the beer shop.

Black Malts & Body Salts Black IPA