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Brew Age – Dunkle Materie Black IPA – 6.9%

From Brew Age comes Dunkle Materie Black IPA at 6.9%. De-capping gives a mega coffee aroma with hints of citrus. The pour generates an ultra frothy head, with surprisingly good retention. The beer is very dark in appearance. The taste is malty and sweet with a burnt coffee toffee aftertaste with a punch of hoppy citrus, followed up by an interesting intense bitterness. I really enjoyed this ‘Brew Age’ ale from Austria of all places. Very well done!

Brew Age Dunkle Materie

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Haacht – Rince Cochon Blonde – 8.5%

From Haacht comes Rince Cochon Blonde at 8.5%. The pour gives a good thick head, the beer itself is of average carbonation, while the aroma is very sweet smelling with the mild whiff accompaniment of Belgian grassy hops. The beer is surprisingly deep amber in appearance. Overall, not amazing, nor entirely rubbish. Perhaps a little oversweet, cloying and a little artificial tasting for my liking. The best thing about the beer is the label, which depicts a hog drinking a flagon of ale. Wonderful.

Rince Cochon Blonde

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Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan – Brugse Zot – 6.0%

From Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan comes Brugse Zot at 6.0%. A pleasantly sweet hoppy aroma appears on de-cap, the pour gives a light amber appearance. The mouthfeel is initially thin and watery but slowly grows on you as you get used to the carbonation. Head generation is initially good and then fades to a thin skin. The bubble formation is slightly larger than normal with what I would expect from a Belgian variety. taste is 50/50 bittersweet, yet doesn’t linger. Not too bad.

Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan Brugse Zot


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Brasserie de Silly – Scotch Silly – 8.0%

From Brasserie de Silly comes Scotch Silly at 8.0%. A Belgian interpretation of a Scotch Wee heavy. De-capping gives a sickly sweet aroma of brown sugar, intermingled with noble hops. The carbonation is high and little is offered in head generation or retention. thick and full bodied. Slight tongue prickler. perhaps a bit too sweet for my palate and lacking complexity. Overwhelmingly sweet, rich and not a beer that I’ll be trying again. Reminds me a bit of the horror that was Samichlaus.

Brasserie De Silly Scotch Silly

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Magic Rock Brewing – Half Cut Double IPA – 8.0%

A DIPA collaboration between Magic Rock Brewing in Huddersfield and Other Half Brewing, based in Brooklyn. Half Cut Double IPA is 8.0% ABV. Featuring Citra, mosaic, Simcoe and Amarillo Hops.  With a malt bill of Golden promise, golden naked oats and malted oats. Decanning is an extra special event with this one, flooding the room with rich aromatics of melon, orange and stone fruit. The appearance is golden, cloudy and a little hazed. The taste is sweet and fruity with a spiced kick a chalky yeasty bitter presence in the aftertaste. The body is thick, full and a small white head is generated. A sweet light malty presence backs up the superb aroma and fruity taste. What more can I say, an excellent beer!

Magic Rock Brewing Half Cut DIPA

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Loterbol – Sint Jan Diest – 10.0%

From Brouwerij Loterbol comes Sint Jan Diest at 10.0%. A thick creamy head is generated on de-cap. Aromas of burnt caramel, molasses and heady liquorice dominate your senses. The beer holds a super compact carbonation and is almost completely black in appearance. Brown sugar, port and sweet figs appear in the wonderful aftertaste. The body is also amazingly thick and luxurious. Chewable sweet fruity goodness with a hidden ABV. In my opinion, this is amazing stuff. I should have aged this for a few more years! Let’s hope I can find some more.

Loterbol Sint Jan Diest