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De Dochter Van De Korenaar – Embrasse – 9.0%

From De Dochter Van De Korenaar comes Embrasse at 9.0%. De-capping gives an Incredible sweet aroma of dark berries and cherries merged with a deep and malty aroma or chocolate and brown sugar. The pour supports a tight and complex carbonation. The appearance is deep black, generating a thin off white skin of head.  The taste is something spectacular, including toffee, coffee, sugary sweets and dark berry, backed up by a sweet cloying aftertaste and relatively low bitterness. Overall Superb. I meant to say SUPERB! Amazing. Probably the most aromatic dark beer I’ve had. Thoroughly enjoyable.

De Dochter van de Korenaar Embrasse

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Haacht – Tongerlo Prior Tripel – 9.0%

From The Haacht Brewery in Belgium comes Tongerlo Prior Tripel at 9.0%. De-capping gives a wonderfully Fruity aroma of noble hops on with a hint of sweetness not too dissimilar to boiled sweets. Distinct hoppiness breaks through even more on the pour. The pour is a nice clean light orange colour generating a thick generous head that lingers well throughout. The beer is full bodied with a higher than average carbonation and a distinct flowery sweetness leaving a moderately dry bitterness with a hint of pepper in the aftertaste. The ABV is well hidden, to give a nice pleasant drinking experience. Very good!

Prior Tongerlo Abbey Triple

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Bluestone Brewing Co – Pierre Bleu Saison – 6.5%

From The Bluestone Brewing Co in Wales, comes Pierre Bleu Saison at 6.5%. De-capping gives a nice and pleasant fruity yeast ester aroma with just a hint of smoke. Fresh smelling and generating a massive head on the pour. this lingers wonderfully, forming a thick finger width of white froth throughout the duration of the beer. The appearance is a wonderful deep orange and nicely hazed for the style. The beer is full bodied and compactly carbonated. The finish is slightly sweet and moderately dry on the aftertaste. Hardly any bitterness appears either.  All in all, a pretty good saison from a brewery i’d never heard of. Excellent & well done!

Bluestone Brewing Pierre Bleu Saison

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Mikkeller – I Wish – Gluten Free IPA – 5.5%

From Mikkeller comes I Wish, a Gluten Free IPA at 5.5%. De-capping gives a short sharp aroma of citrus hops, followed by gushing and more gushing…..(from cold) resulting in an unimpressive beer mess. The Aroma drops off to give an average malt forward ‘supermarket’ style British IPA with cloying sweetness and fruitiness. The beer has decent body, above average bitterness, sweet maltinesses. No head retention and after the gushing, the beer turns out a little bit flat. Decent-ish IPA, but from Mikkeller? I feel a little bit robbed and I would have expected a bit more. Maybe a bad batch? I wish!

Mikkeller I Wish Gluten Free IPA

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North Brewing Co & Ilkley Brewing – Bonaparte – 3.2%

From North Brewing Co & Ilkley Brewing Co comes Bonaparte ‘Dry Hopped’ Berliner Weisse at 3.2%. A nice fragrance of generic hoppiness ascends upon de-canning the beer, followed by a hint of vinegar like aroma. The pour is lively with a good skin of white head forming on the top. The beer is ultra pale in appearance with a high level of carbonation. The taste is mostly sour, with a touch of vinegar and and the slightest hint of sweetness at the end. Unfortunately, there’s not much going on in the taste department other than an slight suggestion of hops in the aftertaste, leaving virtually no bitterness. The malt influence lacks significantly to add any flavour, leaving the finish as being quite watery. An interesting style, however the beer lacks the body and mouthfeel that I am accustomed to in stronger beers. I do like what the collaboration is attempting to do here, however the lack of body really lets this beer down. Unfortunately Average.

North Brewing Ilkley Bonaparte Berliner Weisse

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Tiny Rebel – Clwb Tropicana IPA – 5.5%

From Tiny Rebel Brewing comes their Clwb Tropicana IPA at 5.5%. Super fresh on de-canning and the pour. Aromatics seems to be that juicy Mosaic hop presence again! featuring mango, papaya and pineapple! Did I also mention that this is super fruity? Surprisingly, there is decent head generation and head retention on this canned beer, the appearance is deep orange with a cloudy and slightly hazy touch. The aftertaste is pleasantly perfumed, yet fresh and citrusy. A low bitterness complements a moderately high carbonation. Superb!

Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana IPA