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Magic Rock Brewing – Fantasma Gluten Free IPA – 6.5%

From Magic Rock Brewing comes Fantasma Gluten Free IPA at 6.5%. Probably as close as I will ever get to a gluten free beer. A positive point is that it’s from Magic Rock Brewing. Decanning gives wonderful aromas of fruity mango tropical goodness. The pour is golden amber and cloudy simultaneously. A small bubbly white head is generated without dissipating. The ale is hopped heavily with Magnum and Citra, although the bittering influence is relatively minor and allows the wonderful hops to shine through. The yeasty aftertaste is also quite enjoyable (a little bit fruity and chalky). Overall, Full bodied with hop happy fruity sweet goodness. A kind of refreshing boiled sweets brew, but absolutely amazing and I Loved it. WLP001 Seems to be the yeast to use! One of my favourite brews to date, whilst also gluten free.

Magic Rock Brewing Fantasma Gluten Free IPA

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St Austell Brewery – Big Job DIPA – 7.2%

From the St Austell Brewery in Cornwall comes – Big Job Double IPA at 7.2%. Nugget, Centennial, Citra and Cascade all feature in this very occasional release. I’ve been after trying this one for a few years, however it seems to be a ‘very’ limited supermarket type release that I have always JUST missed out on. De-capping gives a surprising citrus floral aroma. This brew was odd in that it was massively carbonated, even after chilling in the fridge. The beer is light amber in appearance, incredibly clear and clean looking. The taste is fairly crisp and dry with a sharp bitterness poking through on the aftertaste. The hop aromatics translate well into hints of melon and peach. The body of the beer is lacking in personality and slightly watery tasting for the ABV, also noting that the aftertaste is slightly fusel alcohol. Maybe the yeast wasn’t up to the big job? Certainly not a DIPA in my opinion. Moreso a good IPA from a real ale brewer. Not too bad, but not what I was looking for.

St Austell Big Job DIPA

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Brasseurs De Gayant – Belzebuth Blonde – 8.5%

From Brasseurs De Gayant comes Belzebuth Blonde at 8.5%. De-capping produces a fruity aroma with generic maltiness and a warm alcohol presence. The appearance is deep amber in colour with a medium off white head, and a higher than average carbonation and average head retention. Sweet fruity malts reinforce the base of the beer with a hot boozy aftertaste. Pretty average and nothing special. The best bit about this beer is the quirky presentation and bottle.

Brasseurs De Gayant Belzebuth Blonde

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Mikkeller – Green Gold IPA – 7.0%

From Mikkeller comes Green Gold IPA at 7.0%. De-capping gives a spicy hopped aroma of tropical citrus and maltiness. the pour is dark deep golden, with more than a hint of maltiness present and generates a thick soft white lingering head. Carbonation is soft, supporting a mouthfeel which is impressive, thick yet full, not watery at all. A slight bitterness pokes through, hints of rye spice and flavour linger in the aftertaste. A good, but not an astounding IPA.

Mikkeller Green Gold IPA


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Sierra Nevada – Hop Hunter IPA – 6.2%

From Sierra Nevada comes Hop Hunter IPA at 6.2%. De-capping gives a pleasant whiff of citrus and grapefruit. From the label description I must say, that I’m slightly disappointed. Distilled hop oil? sounds great doesn’t it? anyway, The pour is utterly superb. a golden appearance with a thick thick white head that fails to dissipate. The taste is initially sweet, followed up with a big pithy bitter aftertaste, most of the citrus flavours are subdued under the bitterness. The mouth feel is decent and full bodied. A semi decent IPA that focuses a little too much on the bitter side of things. Nothing flabbergasting, the distilled hop oil feature is quite an anticlimax however.

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

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Moor Beer Company – Hoppiness Crossover IPA – 6.5%

From the Moor Beer Company in Bristol comes a superb IPA called Hoppiness Crossover at 6.5%. De-canning gives a wonderful orange citrus aroma, a semi hazed orange appearance with a thick white head that keeps its consistency. The underlying bitterness is wonderfully layered and something special. The bitterness is powerful with a subtle and intriguing spicy kick to it. The body of the beer is full, thick and complements the beer brilliantly. One of the best things about this ale, which almost makes it unique, is that it’s can conditioned! you can certainly tell with the wonderful sediment present on the pour. Combining real (conditioned) ale with a craft approach is really quite inspiring to my my homebrew roots. These guys keep making beers that just keep getting better and better. Brilliant stuff.

Moor Beer Company Hoppiness