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Broughton Ales – 6.2 IPA – 6.2%

From Broughton Ales comes 6.2 IPA at 6.2%. Featuring the Pacific Jade, Cascade, Chinook & Columbus hops, this IPA is a delight. On de-capping , you are greeted with a sweet sherbet aroma style aroma. Strong crystal malt is clearly present throughout in a full bodied intensely bold and bitter Ale. Citrus aroma and taste interestingly develop in the aftertaste and not in the aroma. More-so a British IPA with U.S influences with building bitterness in the aftertaste and an excellent carbonation for the style.

Broughton Ales - 6.2 IPA

Broughton Ales – 6.2 IPA

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William Bros – Joker IPA – 5.0%

From William Bros Brewing in Scotland comes Joker IPA at 5.0%. A strong, pleasant citrus aroma emerges on de-capping. An excellent pour, not over carbonated for a bottled IPA. The citrus aroma remains solid and sticks to the beer throughout. The mouthfeel is smooth and full bodied with the citrus hops enhancing every mouthful. Hop bittering is initially moderate for the style, which builds intensely overtime. A really solid IPA,  fantastic!

William Bros - Joker IPA

William Bros – Joker IPA

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Cairngorm – Caillie – 3.8%

The Cairngorm Brewery presents Caillie at 3.8%. A light citrus aroma on de-capping, Sparkly, blonde with touch of haze. Wonderful appearance and decently bitter. Massive frothy head on the pour with great retention. Slight citrus aftertaste hints add to a nice refreshing beer. Perhaps a spot too carbonated, but a decent low ABV pale ale all the same. The label is far too crazy looking to easily read anything properly.

Cairngorm - Caillie

Cairngorm – Caillie

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William Bros – Midnight Sun Porter – 5.2%

From William Bros Brewing in Scotland, comes Midnight Sun Porter at 5.2% a ‘Rich, dark and spicy porter’. Fragrant and creamy. Aromatic like a dark IPA with hints of vanilla, coffee, ginger and chocolate (without the intensity of an equivalent stout). No burnt toffee or malt tastes here, just consistent and smooth all the way. This is really good porter, it literally glows fruity chocolate aroma at every step. Carbonation is average to high, mouthfeel is thick and tasty. Overall, this beer is fresh, intense and classic. A pretty amazing beer from Scotland.

Midnight Sun Porter

William Bros – Midnight Sun Porter

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Verzet – Super NoAH – 4.9%

Verzet – Super NoAH at 4.9%. No doubt a proud Belgian beer ‘No American Hops (NoAH)’. A fragrant yeasty & cider like aroma, delicate full blonde appearance. Bubbly carbonation, hideously bitter. Excellent head retention. full bodied & full of fruity yeasty goodness on the aftertaste with hints of herb and esters. A little bit dry on the finish too. I quite liked this one.

Verzet Super NoAH

Verzet Super NoAH