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Crew Republic – Imperial IPA 7:45 Escalation – 8.3%

From the Crew Republic Brewery comes an Imperial IPA 7:45 Escalation at 8.3%. Intense citrus aromatic smell on de-capping with a subtle bubblegum aroma, a well hidden ABV supports a complex malty base, this unique IPA is slightly peppery and full bodied, giving a suggestion of Saison or Belgian style yeast. Not boozy in the slightest, with a decent head retention and moderate carbonation. Excellent bitterness. Best DIPA or Imperial IPA I’ve had so far.

Imperial IPA 7.45 Escalation

Brew Republic – Imperial IPA 7.45 Escalation

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Hatherwood Craft Beer Co. – ‘The Winter Warmer’ – 5.5%

The Hatherwood Craft Beer Co presents: ‘The Winter Warmer’ at 5.5%
A dark spiced  beer brewed by the Hogs Back Brewery Co. The aroma is of sweet malt and smoked cloves. The beer is spiced, with a dark malty taste with cinnamon flavours poking through. Cloves are apparent, however they do not dominate the taste. Smoky sweet and full bodied, the hop bitterness comes through as a strong afterthought. Head retention is good and carbonation is moderate. A decent spiced ale, however, I think more exploration is necessary in this field. The taste closest resembles a Belgian winter ale, which is probably why I think this would be so much better at 8.0 – 9.0% ABV. Decent effort though!

Hatherwood - Spiced Dark Beer

Hatherwood – Spiced Dark Beer

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Brecon Brewing – Welsh Beacons – 3.7%.

From Brecon Brewing in Wales comes Welsh Beacons at 3.7%. From an average beer gift set comes a traditional Welsh Pale Ale. A hop profile that smells like old clothes that haven’t dried properly…. fusty perhaps? The flavour is non descriptive, a basic malt with low bittering. It’s a bottle conditioned ale which is a positive. A real endless session beer. It wasn’t unpleasant, but wasn’t great.

Welsh Beacons

Brecon Brewing – Welsh Beacons

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Marble Beers & Against The Grain Collaboration – American Porter – 5.8%.

Marble Beers & Against The Grain Collaboration – American Porter – 5.8%.
What can I say?, anything to do with the Marble Brewery is pretty epic, so a collaboration with Against The Grain is going to be pretty decent. WOW! De-capping gave a wonderful hoppy smell of dank and resinous hops, odd for a porter style but it works! Chocolate and toffee aroma dominate in the malt, but surprisingly clean. The flavours are clear and pronounced and this is where the porter style is more influential over the stout. The taste is bitter malty and chocolaty with hints of tobacco and a lingering bitterness. Carbonic acid presence is just perfect for the style. A lovely style of beer. Really good ale!

American Porter

Marble & Against The Grain Collaberation – American Porter

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Mallinson’s Brew Co. – Calypso – 4.0%.

From Mallinson’s Brewing Company comes CALYPSO at 4.0%. Tropical & citrus fruits dominate this Huddersfield brew. This is a pale blonde with a tropical fruit nose, a resinous bitter grapefruit taste, brewed using only Calypso hops. The bitterness is AMAZING and so well balanced. Bordering on IPA bitterness, this blonde is pure beer art, the grapefruit presence is pleasant and dominant with an high dose of carbonic acid to lift the aroma and taste to different levels. I love to see that a blonde ale has been pushed to the brink and comes out like this. Surely a SMASH beer to be worshipped. Stunning!

Mallinsons Calypso

Mallinsons – Calypso