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Abbeydale – Salvation ‘Coffee & Donut’ Stout – 5.8%

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Abbeydale – Salvation ‘Coffee & Donut’ Stout – 5.8%

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From The Abbeydale Brewery in Sheffield comes ‘Salvation‘ a Coffee & Donut Stout, brewed in collaboration with local coffee company Roastology & bakers  Forge Bakehouse. Complex Aromas of coffee and chocolate appear on decanning. The pour into the glass gives a good head generation that drops off to a thin off white skin. The pour is thick and black with average carbonation. The taste is intense coffee chocolate with burnt malt flavours and a mildly smoked bittersweet aftertaste. The donut element is completely lost on me, but the mouthfeel and body are great and this is a cracking indulgent stout that ticks all the boxes!

Abbeydale Brewery Salvation Coffee & Donut Stout

Abbeydale Brewery – Salvation Coffee & Donut Stout


Abbeydale Brewery Salvation Coffee & Donut Stout Back

Abbeydale Brewery – Salvation Coffee & Donut Stout Back


Brewer: The Abbeydale Brewery in Sheffield.
Address: Abbeydale Brewery Ltd
Unit 8, Aizlewood Road
S8 0YXTel: 0114 281 2712
Email: info@abbeydalebrewery.co.uk


Beer Name/Description:

Abbeydale Brewery – Salvation ‘Coffee & Donut’ Stout

Salvation No 5 : “Prepare to be granted salvation – the dark and brooding stouts and porters series from our small batch brewers emporium range. Salvation No. 5!

Rotating with each iteration, our salvations take inspiration from all manner of our favourite flavours. This version uses a specially created blend of coffee from Sheffield based Roastology. Vanilla pods, brown sugar and a hint of lemon – inspired by the doughnuts from our neighbours at Forge Bakehouse. Guaranteed to provide a delicious “treat in a glass” feeling! “

IBU: ?
Beer Style: Coffee Stout
Alcohol By Volume: 5.8%
Units of Alcohol: 1.9 UK Units.
Volume: 330ml
Ingredients: Water, Barley, Yeast, Oats, Rye, Hops, Yeast, Coffee, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Coconut, Lemon zest
Hops: ?
Yeast: ?


Abbeydale - Salvation 'Coffee & Donut' Stout
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