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Arbor Ales – Shangri-La Session IPA – 4.2%

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Arbor Ales – Shangri-La Session IPA – 4.2%

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From Arbor Ales comes the delicious Shangri-La Session IPA at 4.2%. De-capping gives a mellow yet complex spiced fruity aroma, suggesting stone fruits and mild grassiness. The pour is spot on, with a hazy amber orange appearance, leaving a thick white creamy lingering head (reminiscent of Mr whippy ice cream in texture and appearance). Head retention is surprisingly good, absolutely perfect and doesn’t diminish at all. The body of this beer is fruity and full for the low ABV. The carbonation is moderate and pairs brilliantly with the Mosaic and Citra hop presence. The beer is mildly sweet with complex fruity undertones with a mild chalkiness. I cannot emphasise how amazingly good this beer is. I love a good hoppy ale with a high ABV but this is something really special. Without a doubt, the best all round beer I’ve had this year. Arbor deserves a gold medal for this stupendously epic ale. Absolutely f*****g perfection. Mosaic hops are clearly the most dominant in this brew, and it reinforces why Mosaic is my favourite hop variety of all time.

Arbor Ales Shangri La IPA

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