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Bluestone Brewing Co – Pierre Bleu Saison – 6.5%

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Bluestone Brewing Co – Pierre Bleu Saison – 6.5%

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From The Bluestone Brewing Co in Wales, comes Pierre Bleu Saison at 6.5%. De-capping gives a nice and pleasant fruity yeast ester aroma with just a hint of smoke. Fresh smelling and generating a massive head on the pour. this lingers wonderfully, forming a thick finger width of white froth throughout the duration of the beer. The appearance is a wonderful deep orange and nicely hazed for the style. The beer is full bodied and compactly carbonated. The finish is slightly sweet and moderately dry on the aftertaste. Hardly any bitterness appears either.  All in all, a pretty good saison from a brewery i’d never heard of. Excellent & well done!

Bluestone Brewing Pierre Bleu Saison

Bluestone Brewing Co - Pierre Bleu Saison
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