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Brasserie de Silly – Scotch Silly – 8.0%

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Brasserie de Silly – Scotch Silly – 8.0%

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From Brasserie de Silly comes Scotch Silly at 8.0%. A Belgian interpretation of a Scotch Wee heavy. De-capping gives a sickly sweet aroma of brown sugar, intermingled with noble hops. The carbonation is high and little is offered in head generation or retention. thick and full bodied. Slight tongue prickler. perhaps a bit too sweet for my palate and lacking complexity. Overwhelmingly sweet, rich and not a beer that I’ll be trying again. Reminds me a bit of the horror that was Samichlaus.

Brasserie De Silly Scotch Silly

Brasserie de Silly - Scotch Silly
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