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Brew By Numbers: 01/01- Citra Saison – 5.7%.

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Brew By Numbers: 01/01- Citra Saison – 5.7%.

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From the Brew By Numbers Brewery in London comes: 01/01- Citra Saison at 5.7%. De-capping gives an almost cider like grassy aroma, with straw and barnyard aromas emerging, however this is probably  just my imagination! An inspired hybrid style beer that keeps you thinking. Initially, the Citra hops barely make an appearance, with the yeast appearing to support all the flavours. The beer is well carbonated with good head retention, a mild bitterness builds nicely to a good intensity finished by an almost sweet aftertaste. Peppery coriander comes through with a bitterness of oranges and citra hops emerging towards the end. Light, lively, aromatic, and wonderful.

Saison Citra 01/01

Brew By Numbers – Saison Citra 01/01

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