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Brewdog – Electric India Saison – 5.2%

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Brewdog – Electric India Saison – 5.2%

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From Brewdog comes Electric India Saison at 5.2%. The pour from the can is lively with aroma familiar of a standard belgian saison ale. Grassy and earthy, yet completely fresh. Mouthfeel is great, heavy carbonation, with good head generation and average retention. The beer prickles on the tongue, with an underlying dry sweetness like a decent white wine. The appearance is hazy straw colour, golden with a slight bitterness. The aroma, taste and texture synchronise brilliantly to demonstrate a very pleasant example of a non belgian saison, no particular element dominates or upsets the senses. Overall, a great beer without striving to be unique.

brewdog electric india saison

Brewdog Electric India Saison
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