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Brewdog – IPA is Dead: Pioneer Single Hop IPA – 7.2%

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Brewdog – IPA is Dead: Pioneer Single Hop IPA – 7.2%

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From Brewdog comes IPA is Dead: Pioneer Single Hop IPA at 7.2%. De-capping gives a great spiced, heady, citrus, grapefruit and lemon aroma with a focus on a mellow smoked herbal bittering.  The appearance is amber & cloudy (like a snow storm effect of particles in the beer). Mouthfeel is rich, resinous and fruity with bags of depth and substance, almost chewy infact. Head retention is average, together with carbonation.  Texture and aroma is very double IPA to me. Gorgeous in every sense of the word. An astounding ale. To say this is a high alpha british hop, I am completely amazed. This hop profile initially jumped out as American or Australian. Wonderful hop variety. One of the best brewdog beers ever.


IPA is Dead :Pioneer

Brewdog – IPA is Dead : Pioneer

IPA is Dead: Pioneer
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