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Brewdog – Santa Paws Christmas Scotch Ale – 4.5%

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Brewdog – Santa Paws Christmas Scotch Ale – 4.5%

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From Brewdog comes Santa PawsChristmas Scotch Ale at 4.5%. De-capping gives an pleasant aroma of aniseed and sweet honey. The pour is thick and almost black, the taste is predominantly roast crystal malty goodness oozing from every sip. Head retention is semi decent and remains throughout as a thin film. Mouth feel is good with moderate bitterness, carbonation is relatively high for a brewdog ale. There is  little emerging hop aroma present as the scent is overwhelmingly sweet malt. This is a nice hybrid style, a cross between pale malt, bitter and stout. Good ale.

SantaPaws Scotch Ale

Brewdog – Santa Paws Scotch Ale

Santa Paws Scotch Ale
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