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Brewdog – Prototype Session IPL – Lager – 4.4%

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Brewdog – Prototype Session IPL – Lager – 4.4%

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From Brewdog comes a Prototype Session IPL Dry Hopped Lager at 4.4%. Perhaps the most aromatic lager that i’ve had the pleasure of sampling. The scent and combination of hops in this lager is astounding. The aromatic citrus punch merges with a lingering biscuit-ness of the beer’s aroma. Carbonation is low for a brewdog ale. The lager is extra pale with no skim or head, which is odd enough. I’m trying not to like this ‘lager’ but i’m having a difficult time not liking it. Personally I don’t see the point of lagering when real ale is so much more appealing, and this ale is so close to what a good real ale should be. The beer is almost sweet tasting, however the hop combo makes this difficult to ascertain where the source lies. A very nice prototype beer!

dry hopped lager

Brewdog – Session IPL dry hopped lager

Prototype Session IPL Lager
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