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Bronx Brewery – Rye Ale – 6.3%

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Bronx Brewery – Rye Ale – 6.3%

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A fragrant and hazy brew from The Bronx Brewery. A Rye Ale at 6.3%. A great amber appearance leaving a thin skin of a head. Quite a fruity aroma with a hint of spice. Citrus aroma hops dance on the nose and complement a delicate sweetness. An excellent smooth body combines well with a thick mouthfeel, finished off by the citrus presence of the juicy hops. Not at all bitter, the rye flavour does seems like a nice substitute for crystal malt in adding a bit of sweetness and complexity. Featuring Chinook & Crystal hops. Excellent!

Bronx Brewery Rye Ale

Bronx Brewery - Rye Ale
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