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Brouwerij Anders – Broeder Jacob Double Port – 9.0%

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Brouwerij Anders – Broeder Jacob Double Port – 9.0%

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From the Brouwerij Anders comes Broeder Jacob Double Port at 9.0%. De-capping gives a nice choco coffee lasting aroma. Massive heady off white generation on the pour. An aura of headiness, with buckets of dark sugar and molasses coming though with a superb Belgian yeast tang. Almost pitch black in appearance, strong ruby colours coming through when holding up to the light. The strong phenol alcohol flavours come through in the aftertaste, with bitter-sweet dark toasty notes as the most prominent. A bit of a dark flavour bomb! Dead heady and aromatic. Head retention is also pretty darn good. Initial carbonation on the pour dies out to give a semi to low carbonated beer fully supporting the full bodied and decadent nature of the beer. Overall a bloody good ale! Wine Like phenols come through with a hint of noble hops to make this a great dark Belgian beer.

Broeder Jacob Double Port

Brouwerij Anders - Broeder Jacob Double Port
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