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Charlie Wells – Triple Hopped IPA – 5.2%

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Charlie Wells – Triple Hopped IPA – 5.2%

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From The Charles Wells Brewery comes a Triple Hopped IPA at 5.2%. Decapping was a unique experience. No aroma. The label reassures me that this beer was brewed with three hops: Goldings, Galaxy & Simcoe. Let’s continue…. In the glass, I can pick up the slightest whiff of citrus by really trying, although there are a few oranges in the fruit bowl in the next room. The mouthfeel is half decent and the carbonation is a little too ambitious for my liking. Onto the bitterness side of things. What on earth happened? Bittering hops & IPA? come on….it appears that  someone forgot to add them. More likely the original statement was true. Goldings, Galaxy and Simcoe were present but had little involvement other than watching from a distance. a complete beer failure and an absolute joke from an IPA perspective. Supermarket swill.

Charlie Wells Triple Hopped IPA

Charlie Wells - Triple Hopped IPA
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