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Cinema Brewers – King Kong Coconut Tripel – 8.0%

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Cinema Brewers – King Kong Coconut Tripel – 8.0%

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From The Cinema Brewers (Brouwerij De Molen) comes ‘King Kong Coconut Tripel’ at 8.0%. Decapping gives a mixed aroma of mild generic maltiness and mild coconut presence, albeit with  a very creamy aromatic feel. The pour is golden and clear with absolutely no head generation. The beer appeared to be uncarbonated until the pour, which is quite strangely lively. The taste is slightly sweet, but not overwhelmingly inherent of coconut. The body of the beer is thick, oily and with a slightly cloying mouthfeel, bitterness is slight to moderate. Overall an interesting take on a Tripel style beer, which wasn’t a complete beer disaster.  I would have loved to seen Sorachi Hops in this brew, as well as a distinct presence of banana (which is an ingredient on the label). It appears the coconut oil is a complete beer head destroyer, which is slightly disappointing and the banana flavor has completely fizzled out.

Cinema Brewers King -Kong Coconut Tripel

Cinema Brewers - King Kong Coconut Tripel
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