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Cloudwater Brew Co – NW DIPA Citra – 9.0%

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Cloudwater Brew Co – NW DIPA Citra – 9.0%

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From the Cloudwater Brew Co in Manchester comes NW DIPA Citra at 9.0%. Wow. Just wow. A special seasonal release, often eagerly anticipated in the U.K and often very difficult to reliably acquire. De-canning gives a supernatural and super intense floral citrus creamy aroma. How on earth do you get a creamy aroma? are we talking oats? or is it the hops? anyway, this beer Features the likes of Simcoe, Huell Melon and Mosaic Hops. From just reading the label, you know this is going to be a powerhouse of a Double India Pale Ale, the pour is ultra hazed and hazed golden in appearance with a high particle presence of hops, yeasty particles and fairy dust.

The aroma and taste work in absolute synchronous harmony, generating a tropical orange, pineapple juice bomb like flavour with the presence of papaya, mango, orange citrus and stardust (if i can only imagine what stardust tastes like). The aftertaste is surprisingly bitter, yet moreish, ultra bitter in fact with a chalky aftermath palate wrecker presence. Blimey! Notably, the alcohol presence is completely and utterly subdued under the massive hop and juicy malt presence. This is the ultimate taste extreme beer if ever I’ve had one. The carbonation is medium and complements the rainbow of flavours that make up this spectacular beer. Lastly to mention, after an initial thick head generation, this drops to a thin skin. This is by far a Borderline beer and hop extract and frankly I find that the beer is slightly unbelievable. Fruit packed and bitter pith to a level I find hard to describe. Perhaps the most memorable DIPA to date. As a homebrewer, I can only imagine the horror at the amount of aroma type hops that were needed to generate this kind of flavour, texture and appearance. If you can find one, drink it. Don’t share it. Don’t save it.

Cloudwater NW DIPA Citra

Cloudwater Brew Co - NW DIPA Citra
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