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Cloudwater – Imperial IPA – Centennial – 9.0%

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Cloudwater – Imperial IPA – Centennial – 9.0%

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From The Cloudwater Brew Co comes Imperial IPA Centennial at 9.0%. De-canning gives a complex fruity depth of peachy stone fruit hop aroma. Head generation is average and retention is perfection, leaving a thick white thumb of head throughout the life of the beer. This is a cloudy hazy brew by design, light orange in appearance, with an average carbonation. The aroma develops as the beer warms in the glass adding more sweetness and chalkiness. The taste is a wonderful blend of bittersweet, with little to no emphasis on bitter. The beer is super fruity, both in aftertaste and aroma lending greatness to a full bodied complex ale. Perhaps one of the best Cloudwater ales I’ve tried. The 9.0% ABV is a complete marvel of mystery, not even detectable. Overall, super fresh, slightly chalky, and absolutely superb. An amazing beer that showcases Centennial hops as a masterpiece. Absolutely Loving it.

Cloudwater IIPA Centennial

Cloudwater - Imperial IPA - Centennial
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