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Cloudwater – IPA Ekuanot – 6.5%

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Cloudwater – IPA Ekuanot – 6.5%

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From The Cloudwater Brewery in Manchester comes a Ekuanot hopped IPA at 6.5%. The initial Pour is hazed orange, cloudy to the extreme. Strong pungent aromas emerge profiling orange, melon and that of peach stone fruit​. An average carbonation is present for the IPA style with a thin foamy white head that remains.  A smooth body features that hides the ABV quite well. Interestingly, a distinctive double bitterness features in this beer: fruity hoppy bitterness contrasts nicely with a chalky yeast bitterness from the WLP001 yeast strain. This IPA is certainly reminiscent of a New England IPA style. The beer texture is not too dissimilar to super hopped bucks fizz without the massive carbonation. The relatively strong ABV starts to emerge in the aftertaste with a little heat coming through. Overall, huge citrus flavours of tangerine, orange and a hint of dank spice come through from the presence of the Simcoe hops. A marvelous beer that sings a song of ‘Yin Yang’ bitter sweet. An interesting hop variety that I’ve never heard of or tried before. Superb stuff!

Cloudwater IPA Ekuanot

Cloudwater - IPA Ekuanot
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