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Cloudwater / Magic Rock/ JW Lees – Three’s Company IPA – 8.3%

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Cloudwater / Magic Rock/ JW Lees – Three’s Company IPA – 8.3%

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From the Cloudwater & Magic Rock Brewery comes Three’s Company Imperial IPA at 8.3% using JW Lees’s 4709th generation yeast. De-capping is an amazing zingy blast of aroma, fruity goodness and intense citrus aura of godliness. The pour is a highly carbonated hazy amber with a great head generation, and a constant foamy creamy head that remains even when settled. probably the best head I have seen on a bottled beer. Taste is subtle, full bodied with a smooth and resinous impression with a marvellous mouth feel. mildly sweet yet massive citrusy hop presence full of mango, lemon and grapefruit (the remaining aromas and flavours are lost on me unfortunately) hoppy bitterness is also there, somewhere, but just a pleasant afterthought! ABV is thoroughly hidden and personally, this beer beats all the Cloudwater DIPA’s hands down for me. The yeast and carbonation strikes me as a cider type which is excellent in unison with the style (and in general is usually contrary to the beer) with the creamy head and adds a unique kind of yeast funk to the brew. Overall, balanced and simultaneously extreme in complete synchronicity. Excellent & experimental. This is superb brewing.

3's Company

Cloudwater & Magic Rock Brewing – 3’s Company

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