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Crafty Dan – Lil’ Bewdy Pale Ale – 4.2%

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Crafty Dan – Lil’ Bewdy Pale Ale – 4.2%

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From the Thwaites Brewery (their micro brewery Crafty Dan) comes Lil’ Bewdy an Australian themed fruity pale ale at 4.2%. De-capping gives a faint but nice whiff of melon and earthy citrus. The pour is really pale, looking like extra pale Maris Otter malt. The beer has a medium carbonation with almost no head or retention. The bittering is fairly strong and surprising for the type of beer. Mouth feel is slick, a bit oily but full bodied for the ABV. The summer hops are quite well utilised here together with the sharply bitter challenger hop (that I’m not too familiar with in brewing). The beer uses Topaz, Galaxy, Summer, Ella, Challenger, Goldings & Motueka Hops. A nice refreshing summer ale!

Lil' Bewdy

Crafty Dans – Lil’ Bewdy

Crafty Dan - Lil' Bewdy
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