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Crew Republic – Imperial IPA 7:45 Escalation – 8.3%

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Crew Republic – Imperial IPA 7:45 Escalation – 8.3%

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From the Crew Republic Brewery comes an Imperial IPA 7:45 Escalation at 8.3%. Intense citrus aromatic smell on de-capping with a subtle bubblegum aroma, a well hidden ABV supports a complex malty base, this unique IPA is slightly peppery and full bodied, giving a suggestion of Saison or Belgian style yeast. Not boozy in the slightest, with a decent head retention and moderate carbonation. Excellent bitterness. Best DIPA or Imperial IPA I’ve had so far.

Imperial IPA 7.45 Escalation

Brew Republic – Imperial IPA 7.45 Escalation

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