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Eggenberg – Samichlaus Classic – 14.0%

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Eggenberg – Samichlaus Classic – 14.0%

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From schloss-eggenberg comes Samichlaus Classic at 14.0%. A brew only made once every year. Decapping initially gives a sour smell, followed up by a wine like aroma characteristic, sweet malty flavours dominate completely to the point where any thought of hops miserably disappear. The cloying sweetness is unpleasant and completely overwhelming. There is a moderately bitter aftertaste beyond the alcohol burn. Hints of rum and toasted burnt sugar dominate throughout, I suspect some Christmas spice may have has also been thrown in the mask the tackiness of this ale. I guess this was originally a doppelbock with tonnes of dark sugar added to make up the ABV. The ultra low carbonation doesn’t assist the body of the beer, nor does the complete lack of any head. To say this is an expensive special edition Christmas beer, I was thoroughly robbed. It was fantastically and spectacularly jaw droppingly repellent. This beer is pretty much identical to an abhorrent experimental homebrew I made at the start of my brewing hobby many years ago using molasses and water with wine yeast. It was slightly better tasting than this toilet water sink pour effluent. Without a doubt, the worst brew I’ve ever tasted. Terrible.

Eggenberg Samichlaus Classic

Eggenberg Samichlaus Classic
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