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Gigantic Brewing Co – IPA – 7.3%

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Gigantic Brewing Co – IPA – 7.3%

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From the Gigantic Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon, USA comes their IPA at 7.3%.  De-capping gives a standard floral IPA aroma with touches of citrus and crystal malt. The pour is deep amber, bordering on red ale. The head retention is very good, with a thick lingering creamy head. Carbonation is low to moderate, dropping off quickly as the brew settles. The taste is a hybrid of a traditional English IPA and American style IPA. A good malty backbone and a decent aroma. Mouthfeel is not too great, the carbonation drop out lacks presence as the brew settles. A very good brew, which hides the ABV very well. I did hope for a little more from this brewery, as the beer is well within date. I would drink again, albeit the price tag is also GIGANTIC.

Gigantic IPA

Gigantic Brewing Co - IPA
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