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Hardknott – Cool Fusion – 4.4%

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Hardknott – Cool Fusion – 4.4%

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From Hardknott, (which is an outstanding brewery) comes an amazing moment of beery madness. This really is my worst beer ever tasted. More terrible than my 1st malt extract ‘custom’ ginger beer homebrew attempt in 2002 (and that was really bad). This ale has no head after the pour, no aroma, a very watery mouthfeel and hints of a fake ginger taste with a dominant overpowering cloves aftertaste, coupled with a carbonation that is way over the top. The taste is grassy, bland and really really wrong. This is the first beer that I have poured away in many months. How this ever got past quality control or a tasting panel is a mystery. The first bad one from such an amazing brewery. Purchased from maisondubiere.com at Elsecar, Barnsley.

Hardknott Cool Fusion

Hardknott Cool Fusion Beer

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