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Hardknott – Elixir of Invincibility – 7.3%

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Hardknott – Elixir of Invincibility – 7.3%

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Another fantastic beer from Hardknott. Decapping initially gives the faintest whiff of a sweet citrus/perfumed aroma, virtually non existent. Oddly however, after pouring, the aroma gradually builds in the glass. The flavour is melon, grapefruit and a sweet bitterness with a delicate perfume aftertaste that reminds me of sherbet and parma violet sweets. A pretty decent American style IPA with bags of bitterness and New Zealand hops. Certainly something from the world of Getafix, Asterix and Obelix. Excellent beer! purchased from maisondubiere.com in Elsecar, Barnsley.

Hardknott - Elixir of Invincibility

Hardknott – Elixir of Invincibility

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