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Hardknott – Intergalactic Space Hopper – 5.2%

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Hardknott – Intergalactic Space Hopper – 5.2%

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From the Hardknott Brewery comes Intergalactic Space Hopper, an American Pale Ale. Perhaps an artistic steer into Beavertown’s market? A Floral & citrus aroma is clear and dominant on de-capping, however this beer is also intensely bitter, and from hop perspective I find it quite interesting. An Oily and almost greasy hop presence sits with the beer. It kind of hovers in the hop middle ground, non committal to particular aroma, almost like a dual purpose hop type presence like Ella or similar. The beer has the body and mouth feel of a 8.0% IPA but is a session style 5.2%. Bitterness builds throughout the experience to otherworldly amounts. I thought this beer was imaginative and quite fun, but I can imagine there are those out there that will find the flavours a tad overwhelming. I’ll be buying more of these.

 Intergalactic Spacehopper

Hardknott – Intergalactic Spacehopper

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