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Hatherwood Craft Beer Co. – ‘The Winter Warmer’ – 5.5%

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Hatherwood Craft Beer Co. – ‘The Winter Warmer’ – 5.5%

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The Hatherwood Craft Beer Co presents: ‘The Winter Warmer’ at 5.5%
A dark spiced  beer brewed by the Hogs Back Brewery Co. The aroma is of sweet malt and smoked cloves. The beer is spiced, with a dark malty taste with cinnamon flavours poking through. Cloves are apparent, however they do not dominate the taste. Smoky sweet and full bodied, the hop bitterness comes through as a strong afterthought. Head retention is good and carbonation is moderate. A decent spiced ale, however, I think more exploration is necessary in this field. The taste closest resembles a Belgian winter ale, which is probably why I think this would be so much better at 8.0 – 9.0% ABV. Decent effort though!

Hatherwood - Spiced Dark Beer

Hatherwood – Spiced Dark Beer

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