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Hatherwood Craft Beer Company – The Amber Adder – 4.3%

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Hatherwood Craft Beer Company – The Amber Adder – 4.3%

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From the mysterious realm of pseudo breweries comes Hatherwood Craft Beer Company and The Amber Adder at 4.3%. A good crystal malt backbone with decent carbonation and bittering. Almost like a good lager with tons of aromatic and tropical dry hopping going. A simple malty beer, yet effective in hop deployment and great value for money. From what I understand, the Hatherwood craft beer company does not exist, other than a guise under the mighty Lidl supermarket, each beer in the range seems to be subcontracted to some pretty famous U.K breweries to make them, in this case: the Banks Brewery under Marstons. Confused yet? Anyway, great session ale. From Lidl or something like that.

Amber Adder

Hatherwood Beer Company – Amber Adder

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