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Hatherwood Craft Beer Company – The Green Gecko IPA – 5.0%

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Hatherwood Craft Beer Company – The Green Gecko IPA – 5.0%

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From the mysterious Hatherwood Craft Beer Company, or rather Marston’s Brewery comes The Green Gecko IPA at a sessionable 5.0%. A real hidden gem that was found amongst the shelves of Lidl. This beer has become a regular session beer when not blogging others. A surprising citrus floral aroma on decapping, with a perfect amount of carbonic acid and head retention. The taste is classic bittersweet British IPA . At 5.0% the strength is very mass market ‘acceptable’ with a good body to the ale. The best mass market beer i’ve found in a long time! very cheap for such good quality. Get some while Lidl still stock them!

Green Gecko IPA

Hatherwood Craft Beer Co. -Green Gecko IPA

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2 comments on “Hatherwood Craft Beer Company – The Green Gecko IPA – 5.0%

  1. r c bailey

    hatherwood craft beer company on the bottle it said the head brewer is Richard frost he a Kent man with s/n

    • It seems Lidl have changed brewers for their range from Marston to Shepherd Neame. Some reviewers think the beer is not so good. The bottle illustrated is the Marston’s version.

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