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Heist Brewing – First Heist IPA – 4.8%

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Heist Brewing – First Heist IPA – 4.8%

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From the guys at Heist Craft Brewing comes First Heist, which is a session IPA at 4.8% from an ambitious craft beer and bottle shop who singlehandedly reinvigorated the beer scene in the village of Clowne in Chesterfield. This is their first beer, which is a limited edition, Session IPA featuring Simcoe, Centennial & Motueka hops. This first brew was commissioned by the RAW Brewing Company in Derbyshire.

First of all, a clean hop aroma dominates on decanning, not overly complex, however some citrus fruit presence in the nose. A mild to moderate bittering presence is perceivable, (yet short lived) in the taste with a minor sweet malt presence. Carbonation is average to high for the style, but pleasantly lends to a good body presence to this type of beer. The appearance is healthy, presenting a orange/golden glow with a hint of haze. The head generation is also surprisingly good with a good thick lingering finger width remaining throughout the life of the beer. Interestingly, as the beer warms, an orange zest aftertaste also pokes through with the bitterness to give a pleasant beer experience.

Now as far as descriptions go, a session IPA may be the only thing wrong about the beer. An American Pale Ale would suit this beer much better. The ‘session’ aspect is a bug bearer due to the volume and price, but drop the price a little and they may be onto something really good. For a first commercial attempt, this is looking quite good. Nothing is bold or overstated, perhaps a little safe, but it gets my vote.


Heist - First Heist IPA

Heist Brewing’s – ‘First’ Heist IPA

Heist - First Heist IPA Back

Heist Brewing’s – ‘First’ Heist IPA Back


Brewer:  Heist Craft by RAW Brewing Company
Address: Heist Craft, Mill Street, Clowne, S43 4JN
Beer Name/Description: First Heist – 4.8% Session IPA
“Don’t let some pompous dick try and tell you what this tastes like. Buy it, try it and review it. Tell us what it tastes like”
IBU: ?
Beer Style: Session India Pale Ale.
Alcohol By Volume: 4.8%
Units of Alcohol: 1.58 UK Units.
Volume: 330ml
Ingredients: Water, Barley, Hops & Yeast.
Hops: Simcoe, Centennial & Motueka.
Yeast: ?


Heist Brewing - First Heist IPA
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