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Hopzilla – Flummoxed Yorkshire Red Pale Ale – 6.5%

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Hopzilla – Flummoxed Yorkshire Red Pale Ale – 6.5%

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Rotherham Homebrew: Hopzilla at 6.5% . A tongue in cheek ‘Flummoxed Yorkshire Red Pale Ale’ nearing the two month old stage, this confused beer style is a sweet dark IPA. In an attempt to try something different (and to use up the remnants of homebrew ingredients before the new year) I used 7 different malts & 7 hop varieties, with the end result producing malty coffee, chocolate and toffee flavours. A strong bitterness dominates this christmas type beer. This homebrew turned out much darker than expected, but I’m pleased overall with the result. I look forward to seeing how it matures for next christmas.

Home brew Hopzilla

Thorpe Hesley Homebrew – Hopzilla

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