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Kinn Bryggeri – Sjelefred Brown Ale – 4.7%

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Kinn Bryggeri – Sjelefred Brown Ale – 4.7%

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From Kinn Bryggeri comes Sjelefred Brown Ale at 4.7%. De-capping  gives a faint aroma of bitter coffee. The coffee smell dissipates quite quickly, which leaves the brew distinctly odourless. Carbonation is very low, with virtually no head generation. The appearance is almost complete black, with the taste being slightly herbal and malty, low sweetness and very low bitterness. One of the hardest beers i’ve found to pick out any distinct flavours. The body is medium, with the herbal aftertaste emerging more as the beer warms. A bit of an odd brown ale, sitting in the average category.

Kinn Bryggeri Sjelefred

Kinn Bryggeri - Sjelefred Brown Ale
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