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Magic Rock Brewing / Cloudwater – Big Dipper DIPA – 8.3%

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Magic Rock Brewing / Cloudwater – Big Dipper DIPA – 8.3%

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From Magic Rock BrewingCloudwater comes Big Dipper Double IPA at 8.3%.  A special Cloudwater & Magic Rock Brewing collaboration. De-canning pops a grenade punch of sweet resinous citrus and marmalade aromatics from the hop & malt presence. The pour is New England IPA haze with concentrated visible hop particulate like a beery snow globe. The appearance is wonderful golden orange. The taste is overwhelmingly resinous and hoppy with subtle aroma and orange pith bitterness punching through, supporting the underwhelming malt backbone. Head generation is low and only a very thin skim appears on top. No yeast presence is evident (or makes it through the hop wading). This is ultra hoptastic intense ale. An IPA to end all IPA. On a par with Magic Rock’s Human Cannonball from 2016. intense and juicy hopstrocity and the alcohol is completely hidden. Very well done!

Magic Rock Cloudwater Big Dipper Double IPA

Magic Rock Brewing / Cloudwater - Big Dipper Double IPA
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