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Magic Rock Brewing – Human Cannonball Double IPA – 9.2%

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Magic Rock Brewing – Human Cannonball Double IPA – 9.2%

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From the inspired Magic Rock Brewing  in Huddersfield, Yorkshire comes Human Cannonball double IPA at 9.2%. Returning with rose tinted glasses to that IPA beer style that initially changed my perspective on what ale was, and could potentially be, was a completely welcome, albeit prolonged journey. This beer saw me waiting and anticipating three long years for just a taste, and as renowned as it was, it was equally as elusive. This beer is infamous for selling out within an hour or two of being released and is synonymous with the term ‘Rocking Horse S**t’. Magic Rock Brewing also brews Cannonball IPA, which is hands down my all time favourite all round special IPA, binding resinous amounts of citrus, mango and lemon with a mouth puckering bitterness and a fresh juicy hop finish that simply exudes decadence and complete indulgence at every level.

Human Cannonball is my ultimate trophy beer conquest, apologies, my ultimate conquest and now I have two cans. This was no easy feat. At 09:00 on Monday 11th April 2016, after two minutes of being released online, the Magic Rock company website crashed and became inoperable for a great length of time, suffice to say, when it came back online, the beloved stock was gone. All of it. Fortunately at 09:00:13, I submitted my order (together with 10 cans of Cannonball IPA) and waited eagerly for that confirmation e-mail. The rest is great beery history.

Opening the can gives an is creamy, heady aroma of resinous grapefruit citrus and hops, literally Cannonball on crack. Aroma you can literally chew. The aroma is synonymous with the fantastic hop combination that only Magic Rock can conceive, drawing back memories of walking into their tap room.

Carbonation is moderate and precise to the beer style. The colour is a milky amber orange and golden appearance with hints of green in the light, this beer also has an interesting snow globe particle effect, I’m guessing from the high ABV and hop presence. The taste is grapefruit, bitter pith, orange, pine and mango with a heady malt and an alcohol presence that simply wins hide and seek every time. A slight warm aftertaste ensues and a moderate lingering bitterness emerges that slowly dulls the senses in a pleasant yet smothering way.

Mouthfeel is resinous, creamy and exaggerated. Head retention is minor and a complete afterthought as the resinous hops simply do not allow for anything else to talk about in this beer. This beer is so flavoursome and overwhelming I cannot compare it to anything tasted previously. (E.G: Burping gives an aroma of a magnificent west coast style ipa aroma) like your stomach has just been dry hopped for 7 days. This gives you a hint or idea of the stupendous amount of hops used in this beast of an beer. Nothing comes close to this beer in aroma, texture or taste. Pure Hop crack & my best beer ever. (so far)

Magic Rock Human Cannonball

Magic Rock Human Cannonball

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