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Magic Rock Brewing – Inhaler IPA – 4.5%

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Magic Rock Brewing – Inhaler IPA – 4.5%

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From Magic Rock Brewing comes Inhaler IPA at 4.5%. Decapping gives a fruity blast of citrus, more in keeping with fruit juice than anything else. Not sure about the hop presence as the fruity bits are overwhelming. The pour is a cloudy orange that forms a good head and maintains decent retention. The taste is oh so fruity, with a slightly higher carbonation than normal. All this works wonderfully however.. to the point where I question that this is actual beer? the aftertaste is like chewing grapefruit pith, almost sour, yet intensely bitter. Not like bittering hop bitter. The bitterness is followed up by a yeasty bitterness aftertaste that is present in all fruity Magic Rock beers in my opinion. I tried the Hypnotist ultra cloudy IPA at the Manchester Beer Conference that cements this familiarity and is just like this. There are floaty bits in the glass which may support this yeasty influence. As the beer warms, the yeasty bitter pith aroma draws out more. It’s really  good stuff and quite experimental.

Magic Rock Brewing Inhaler IPA

Magic Rock Brewing - Inhaler IPA
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