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Magic Rock Brewing – Rule Of Thirds – 6.4%

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Magic Rock Brewing – Rule Of Thirds – 6.4%

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From Magic Rock Brewing, Beavertown Brewery & Siren Craft Brew comes Rule Of Thirds IPA at 6.4%. The aroma is something quite different. Very sharp, full of citrus resinous and hoppy aroma. More fragrant than a barrel full of hops with grapefruit and oranges thrown in . Appearance is slightly murky pale ale but the really interesting thing about this ale is the bittering. Amazing Intense and mouth puckering! This is exceptional! finally an IPA that loves that bitter! Mouthfeel is full, bitter and superb. Head and retention is relatively poor. A great beer that deserves respect. excellent ale!

Rule of Thirds IPA

Magic Rock Brewing - Rule Of Thirds
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