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Magic Rock Brewing – Telepathy IPA – 7.2%

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Magic Rock Brewing – Telepathy IPA – 7.2%

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From Magic Rock Brewing comes Telepathy IPA at 7.2%. De-canning gives super fresh hop aroma of dank citrus, grass, mango and papaya. A tropical hop bomb aroma of epic proportions. The pour is super hazy, New England IPA style, haziness is intermingled with a luminance of glowing orange effect. Reading the can this one has a massive oaty presence. You can tell partially by the thick mouthfeel and body of the beer. Head existence is minimal and drops to nothing, probably due to the oil from the oatiness. The beer is fairly sweet with a chalkiness in the aftertaste, finished off with a deep rich bitterness that lingers and conflicts slightly with the sweetness and massive aroma hoppiness. The aftertaste literally costs the inside of your mouth with an oddly pleasant chalkiness. Cascade, Mosaic, Simcoe and Denali all feature wonderfully in a dance of hoppiness.

Magic Rock Brewing Telepathy IPA

Magic Rock Brewing - Telepathy IPA
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