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Magic Rock Brewing – Un-Human Cannonball TIPA 2017 – 11.0%

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Magic Rock Brewing – Un-Human Cannonball TIPA 2017 – 11.0%

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From Magic Rock Brewing comes Un-Human Cannonball 2017 Edition. This is a TRIPLE IPA. Every year, the Magic Rock Brewing team provide a stupendously big hop hitter that is subtle and completely different from previous years. Decanning is super resinous, marvelously creamy and full of mango, sweet citrus and boiled sweets. The pour is thick, resinous, ultra hazed and the taste is super sweet ultra hopped oily and full bodied. Think aromas of boiled sweets on crack. The beer features a thin head generation, with slow dissipation into a super thin head. There is the distinct chalky aftertaste and hardly any bitterness profile, other than the yeasty bitterness. The ABV is completely hidden. What? 11% without any heat? This is superb. I think I prefer the 2017 Human Cannonball over this one.

Magic Rock Brewing Un Human Cannonball 2017

Magic Rock Brewing - Un-Human Cannonball 2017
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