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Marble Brewery – Earl Grey IPA – 6.8%

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Marble Brewery – Earl Grey IPA – 6.8%

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Another stunning beer from the Marble Brewery. This being the superb Earl Grey IPA at a respectable 6.8%.
The De-cap aroma of this beer gives a strong floral impression of earthy grapefruit and oranges. The taste is like a fruity citrus, strong IPA with a defined bitter orange aftertaste of hops & pith. The Earl Grey presence is well defined and certainly not wishy washy. I drink Earl Grey tea every day and didn’t expect the extent of this flavour! How on earth does Marble get this much flavour into a beer? The colour is a golden amber and hides the alcohol presence like a seasoned pro. Head retention is perfect and the carbonation is ideal, but perhaps below average for the style. Full bodied, fruity and astounding. Best British IPA in ages. Very imaginative.

Marble Brewery - Earl Grey IPA

Marble Brewery – Earl Grey IPA

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