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Marston’s – Owd Rodger – 7.4%.

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Marston’s – Owd Rodger – 7.4%.

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Marston’s Brewery presents Owd Rodger at 7.4%. A big, sweet, malty tramp of a beer. Virtually no aroma, other than a blast of generic sweet maltiness on de-capping. A surprisingly dark beer albeit with a good head retention, the overall taste is really quite sweet, pretty much an aspiring Barley Wine without the associated body and mouth feel. A very smooth ale with a rich fruity and slightly boozy aftertaste. Indulgent, but on an afterthought,  I think someone forgot to add the bittering hops in this batch. It does grow on you with time, but not a very memorable ale.

Marston's - Owd Rodger

Marston’s – Owd Rodger

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