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Metropolitan Brewing Co. – Big Bad Wolf IPA – 6.0%

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Metropolitan Brewing Co. – Big Bad Wolf IPA – 6.0%

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From Greene King comes the guise of The Metropolitan Brewing Co. – Big Bad Wolf IPA at 6.0%. Commissioned on behalf of supermarket chain Tesco. Fictitious breweries are all the rage these days and if there isn’t subterfuge involved at some point, you must be doing your beer marketing all wrong.

De-capping gives an odd, yet pleasant aroma of heavily perfumed fruity bubble gum and washing up liquid. The pour is pale with moderate carbonation. Head retention is pretty darn good and a thin creamy head remains over the beer throughout. The beer has a decent layer of bittering that fights against the thin mouth feel somewhat.  The beer has a certain sweetness followed by a dry aftertaste. The beer label describes the hop content as Centennial, Amarillo, Styrian Goldings and cascade, which in this case seems a bit of a kitchen sink approach to hopping.  I have mixed feelings about this IPA. It’s ok to drink, but it is a bit odd. Unique even? Maybe Greene King should stick to making their 3.6% IPA (sold in Hop skunking clear glass bottles).

Big Bad Wolf IPA

Metropolitan Brewing Co – (Greene King) Big Bad Wolf IPA

Big Bad Wolf IPA
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