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Mikkeller – 19 American Style IPA – 6.9%

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Mikkeller – 19 American Style IPA – 6.9%

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Brewed by De Proefbrouwerij in conjunction with Mikkeller, ’19’ is an American Style IPA. This is a beer brewed by Belgian hands. What cannot be better? De-capping gives a floral punch of citrus aroma hops. The pour is superb, generating a thick lively white head, clearly a Belgian style ale with a superb head generation and retention. The body of the beer is smooth and full, with a compact carbonation. Overall, the bitterness is pleasant, and moderately high and as expected, the hop sweetness pokes through and reinforces it all right at the end. The sweet malt backbone develops hand in hand with the hop intensity to make a superb European translation of an American IPA style.

Mikkeller 19 American Style IPA

Mikkeller - 19 American Style IPA
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