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Moor Beer Co – Hoppiness IPA – 6.5%

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Moor Beer Co – Hoppiness IPA – 6.5%

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Unfined, unfiltered and unpasteurised. Can conditioned with live yeast. Hoppiness IPA is a New World IPA, a cracker from the Moor Beer Company in Bristol. De-canning gives a citrus almost earthy spiced aroma of beer goodness. The pour is well carbonated with a deep golden appearance. Head generation is moderate. The flavour is dank, earthy and spicy with presence of Citrus pine and sweet maltiness coming through in a perfect blend. Some presence of tropical fruits like mango and orange also make an appearance. It has some characteristics that I would associate with a Barley Wine, without the dominating malty, vineous factors. The mouthfeel is thick and smooth. A long bitter aftertaste finishes the beer off perfectly, as you would expect from a decent British IPA. One of my favourite British hybrid IPA styles from a brewery that is stunning, yet sometimes overlooked.

Moor Beer Hoppiness

Moor Beer Co – Hoppiness New World IPA

Moor Beer Co - Hoppiness IPA
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