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Mythique – Saint Landelin Blonde – 7.5%

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Mythique – Saint Landelin Blonde – 7.5%

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From Les Brasseurs De Gayant (Saint-Omer) comes: Mythique Saint Landelin Blonde at 7.5%. A surprising Belgian beer! Decapping gives an sour aroma and not knowing what to expect, i read the label. This is a blonde? the sweet and sour aroma is quite different from the norm, with almost a hint of creaminess hiding away in there. The taste is hardly malty, yet surprisingly smooth and luxurious. No belgian twang of hops in this one. The appearance is a pale straw like appearance with moderate carbonation. Head generation is low and retention leaves a thin white skin. I didn’t think i would like this one from the label, but this is pretty good for me. Mouthfeel is good and after looking at Ratebeer, unfortunately, this ale gets crucified. I’ll have to say this is a good beer for me, even though the label is a bit crap and generic.

Mythique Saint Landelin

Mythique Saint Landelin Blonde
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