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North Brewing Co – Sputnik Pale Ale – 5.0%

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North Brewing Co – Sputnik Pale Ale – 5.0%

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From the North Brewing Co in Leeds, comes Sputnik Pale Ale at 5.0%. Fresh hop aromas dominate your senses upon decanning, with aromas of mandarin and citrus fruits bursting through. Definitely an IPA style Pale Ale. There’s a Good initial foam generation on the pour with a thin white skim remaining. Carbonation is about right for the style. The pour is mega hazy, which is something a little daring for a british brew! excellent! the taste is smooth and slightly sweet with a thickish body and a monster bitterness! this is like huge bitterness, even when compared to a super hoppy IPA leading the bitterness to almost a smoky taste on the tongue. A very decent pale ale, which is borderline fruit juice beer. I quite like it, but the bitterness may put others off.

North Brewing Co Sputnik Pale Ale

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