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Northern Monk – Heathen India Pale Ale – 7.2%

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Northern Monk – Heathen India Pale Ale – 7.2%

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From the Northern Monk Brewery comes Heathen India Pale Ale at 7.2%. You know when a brewery makes their IPA hopped like a DIPA, you are in for a treat. Decapping gives a slightly metallic aroma, followed by an avalanche of citrus and tropical intensity. Resinous, punchy and harmonious. The pour is a bright orange colour with masses of hop particulate swirling around in the beer like a snowstorm. The body is fruity and none of the maltiness you would expect from a British IPA comeS through at all. Head generation and retention is relatively poor, leaving a thin white skin on the top. Carbonation and mouthfeel are just plain gorgeous. The hoppy aftertaste is almost mouth puckering, bitterness is fairly standard and contrasts fairly well with this style of American IPA. Resinous, full bodied goodness. Amazing!

Northern Monk Heathen IPA

Northern Monk - Heathen India Pale Ale
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