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Oakham Ales – Scarlet Macaw – 4.8%

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Oakham Ales – Scarlet Macaw – 4.8%

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From Oakham Ales comes Scarlet Macaw, a golden/pale ale featuring Amarillo hops and summit hops. De-capping gives a fruity character on the nose, with suggestions of apricot and a slight hint of sour. The aroma is subdued yet pungent. No punch in the face aroma, but complex all the same. A great mouthfeel, with a hint of sweetness, a spot of oily texture is also present that thickens the beer and works well with the moderate carbonation. A medium bitterness that grows throughout. Elements of the great Oakham citrus seems to poke through! Head generation is a bit poor and retention is virtually non existent. ABV could be a bit higher for the style.  Definitely an IPA bitterness present with bags of pith and citrus finished off with a hint of sweetness. In the realms of Supermarket beers, this really does shine.

Oakham Ales Scarlet Macaw

Oakham Ales - Scarlet Macaw
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