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Redwillow – Smokeless Smoked Chipotle Porter – 5.7%

From The Redwillow Brewery in Macclesfield, comes Smokeless Smoked Chipotle Porter at 5.7%. De-canning gives a pleasant sweet chocolate aroma with just a touch of smoke. The pour generated a massive head, dropping down to a thin skin of off white. The appearance is darkest black and very stout like supporting a carbonation which is pretty high for the style. The mouthfeel is thick with a good body, the aftertaste being sweet, with a hint of chocolate toffee. Refreshing, yet with a warming aftertaste from the chipotle chilli presence. Smokiness however, is now nowhere to be seen. Overall, pleasant and warming rather than refreshing. The chipotle flavour adds a bit more decadence and contributes to a mouthfeel which is thick and meal like. A good beer from a taste perspective, but a little difficult to enjoy as a session beer. A good experimental taste experience, however I’m not entirely sure the contrasting tastes are complimentary. More smoke next time please!

Redwillow Smokeless Smoked Chipotle Porter

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Kinn Bryggeri – Sjelefred Brown Ale – 4.7%

From Kinn Bryggeri comes Sjelefred Brown Ale at 4.7%. De-capping  gives a faint aroma of bitter coffee. The coffee smell dissipates quite quickly, which leaves the brew distinctly odourless. Carbonation is very low, with virtually no head generation. The appearance is almost complete black, with the taste being slightly herbal and malty, low sweetness and very low bitterness. One of the hardest beers i’ve found to pick out any distinct flavours. The body is medium, with the herbal aftertaste emerging more as the beer warms. A bit of an odd brown ale, sitting in the average category.

Kinn Bryggeri Sjelefred

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Brasserie Dupont – Avec les Bons Voeux – 9.5%

From the renowned Brasserie Dupont comes Avec les Bons Voeux at 9.5%. De-corking gives a musky wine like aroma mingled in with a Belgian noble hop aroma and the fruity incense of Saison yeasty esters. The pour is an absolute marvel of perfection, deep golden and inviting, generating a thick creamy head that lingers like a dream. The taste is sweet, with some headiness, instantly kicking in with a fast bitterness and a hint of warmness as the alcohol makes itself known. The carbonation is thick and almost Champagne like, with contributes to a wonderful mouth feel sensation. The distinct aroma continues to develop through ambient warmth, adding a subtle creamy sweet aroma, merging perfectly with the fruity esters. A Saison ‘triple’ hybrid beer of sublime epic proportions. Both astounding and amazing. Bitter sweet merge in perfect harmony. My best beer of 2017 so far!

Brasserie Dupont Avec les Bons Voeux

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De Dochter Van De Korenaar – Embrasse – 9.0%

From De Dochter Van De Korenaar comes Embrasse at 9.0%. De-capping gives an Incredible sweet aroma of dark berries and cherries merged with a deep and malty aroma or chocolate and brown sugar. The pour supports a tight and complex carbonation. The appearance is deep black, generating a thin off white skin of head.  The taste is something spectacular, including toffee, coffee, sugary sweets and dark berry, backed up by a sweet cloying aftertaste and relatively low bitterness. Overall Superb. I meant to say SUPERB! Amazing. Probably the most aromatic dark beer I’ve had. Thoroughly enjoyable.

De Dochter van de Korenaar Embrasse

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Haacht – Tongerlo Prior Tripel – 9.0%

From The Haacht Brewery in Belgium comes Tongerlo Prior Tripel at 9.0%. De-capping gives a wonderfully Fruity aroma of noble hops on with a hint of sweetness not too dissimilar to boiled sweets. Distinct hoppiness breaks through even more on the pour. The pour is a nice clean light orange colour generating a thick generous head that lingers well throughout. The beer is full bodied with a higher than average carbonation and a distinct flowery sweetness leaving a moderately dry bitterness with a hint of pepper in the aftertaste. The ABV is well hidden, to give a nice pleasant drinking experience. Very good!

Prior Tongerlo Abbey Triple